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Are you one of the millions of webmasters wasting precious hours creating web pages instead of developing content?

If you are wasting time
building web pages,
you are losing money.

Marketers know that it's content that
turns your visitors into paying customers

So STOP building web pages right now. Don't waste any more precious time.

My website development tool allows you to add content to your site. This website development tool automatically adds this content to appropriate web pages for you.

My website development tool frees you from the busy work of building web pages and allows you to spend profitable time building content.

Imagine what it would be like to simply add content to your site, without the hassle of building new pages for that content.

Your probably know that most website development tools are concerned with positioning text and graphics on a web page. So, most are not really a website development tool as much as they are page development tools.

Hi. My name is Bob Sherman. I developed the Website Generation System because I wanted a website development tool that frees me from tedious chores of creating individual web pages and allows me to add effective content.

So, kick back and relax.

Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to spend time doing what you want instead of spending hours building individual web pages?

All you'll ever need to do is to add content to your site. Your pages will construct themselves.

Impossible? Not at all.

On the Internet, content is king.

People don't want a lot of nonsense. Blinking banners and outrageous claims will make anyone exit stage right, pronto.

People come to your site seeking content--information to answer a question or solve a problem.

You know the "Back" button is only a click away. If you're not delivering the content that your site's visitor wants, it "BYE BYE".

You must spend your valuable time adding important content, not in tedious busy-work.

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Dear Friend,

If you like wasting lots of time creating web pages before you get your content on your site, click away right now. This product is not for you.

If you want to change each of your inner pages individually when you make a cosmetic change to your site, please don't read any farther. This product is definitely not for you.

If you really want a generater that captures free article content to automatically create your web site, you're in the wrong place.

If you think including RRS newsfeeds on your pages is not going to help you keep your site's visitors and search engines interested in your site, you're in the wrong place.

If you don't want to include the top selling Clickbank products related to the topic of your page so you can make bigger profits, you are on the wrong site.

If you are going to be disappointed with the increase in efficiency you will experience, you are in the wrong place. You probably like all the hard work. You can find another site now.

But, if you want the efficiency of automated page building, search engine attention from constantly updated RRS feeds, profits from top selling ClickBank products, even more money from contextual popup ads, and the ease of quickly adding content to your site, you are in the right place. Read on.

Bob Sherman

My website development tool allows you to concentrate on the important job of adding content. And it automatically joins that content together to produce your web pages.

It allows you to make efficient use of your time.

Create Powerful High Content Web Sites

Let's have some fun by looking at actual websites using the Website Generation System.

The fact is, content is king. Your website visitors are looking for information or solutions to problems. They want answers--NOW!. You only have a few seconds to satisfy their information needs before they click away.

In this example, we are delivering a page (find.deadbeat.parents.htm) that will help "find deadbeat parents". Does it deliver appropriate, relevant content? You bet!
Net Detective Web Site

Does your site always provide relevant information for your visitor? The Website Generation System does exactly that.

This page (cheapest.cell.phones.htm) responds to someone wanting the "cheapest cell phones". The Website Generation System actually delivers TWO content files. The first file is an ad for the phrase, you guessed it, "cheapest cell phones". But, if the reader is really interested in cell phones, it also delivers an ad for the phrase "cell phones". And, I arranged for the "cheapest cell phone" ad to come first. It that brilliant or what?
Cheap Long Distance Web Site

What's the effect of creating individual content files, each associated with a keyword or keyword phrase?

By creating 50 or 60 individual content files, you can associate that content with hundreds, or even thousands, of popular search phrases. The Website Generation System constructs a page delivering relevant content for each of those phrases.

You can deliver exactly the content your visitors are seeking.

Wouldn't you want a website development tool to help you do that?

But Wait -- There's More

=== RSS Newsfeed Integration ===

To enhance your visitor's experience even more, you can include RSS news feeds on your pages.

The RSS text is not generated by JavaScript -- which search engines often overlook. All RSS text is real HTML text that search engines can feed on.

Your page with the RSS is always fresh bate for the search engine spiders. And, you can choose to automatically update the feed every day if you wish.

Below is a news feed about website development.

RSS Integration

=== Clickbank Integration ===

In addition, you can include Clickbank products based on keywords contained in the Clickbank product link text or description. The keyword you use for Clickbank products may be different than the keyword that selects the HTML snippet file.

No more cutting and pasting of Clickbank product descriptions into your pages. You choose keywords to select the top selling items at Clickbank.

Every time your Clickbank database updates, your Clickbank selections are made from the currently top selling items associated with your keywords.

Clickbank has thousands of products to choose from. Smooth integration with your web page ensures a successful selling effort. Here is an example from this site.

Optimizing Web Site Page

Let me tell you a little about the Clickbank integration
in my website development tool.
Please click the button on the left.

You probably already know that commissions on ClickBank products are typically between 40% to 70% of the selling price. And you get the full commission for every product you sell from your site.

So, why are you waiting?

=== Contextual Popup Ad Integration ===

You associate each popup ad with a keyword phrase. Then, each time that phrase appears in the text of your web page, the phrase is highlighted in some way. For example, it might be italicized and underlined. You can specify how the phrase appears with a Cascading Style Sheet (.css) file.

When your visitor moves their mouse over the keyword phrase, your ad will pop up. When they move the mouse away from the phrase or out of the ad, the ad will disappear.

Popup Ads

You also specify the format of the text in the popup ad. Using a CSS file you specify how the heading and description appear. You can also select the background color of the popup ad.

You can use these popup ads to advertise any affiliate program you belong to or any products you are selling. Of course, because you specify the link, the headline, and the description on the ad, you will receive the full commission when someone buys the product you advertise in your popup ad.

Your website visitors are already on your page. They are interested in your content and want to know more. Your popup ad is directly related to content they are already interested in. Guess what? You have a hot prospect for what your popup ad is selling.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

=== Create Google and HTML Sitemaps ===

The Website Generation System will create a compressed XML sitemap according to Google's specifications and an HTML sitemap for human visitors and other search engines.

Sitemaps represent your invitation for search engines and visitors to examine all the pages on your site. Without a sitemap search engines need to follow your links from one page to another. They may miss some pages or visit some pages multiple times.

With a sitemap the search engine can go from one page to the next without duplication. And, it's sure to visit all your pages without missing any.

And, that's good news for you.

What's the Bottom Line?

So, to summarize. By building 50 or 60 content files, you can have a site with hundreds or thousands of pages. Each page delivers pertinent, relevant content directed at your visitor's interest.

Not only will you save a lot of time, but your visitors will receive exactly the kind of information they are seeking.

By delivering relevant content to your visitors, both you and your visitors benefit.

Visitors get the great content they want

You gain their trust

You saved a lot of time

You're earning money from Clickbank ads

You're earning more money from popup ads

It's a true win-win situation.

And the best thing is, you're not spamming the search engines with pages and pages of search engines results that some expensive systems create for you. You know what I'm talking about.

The Website Generation System delivers real, valuable content that is pertinent to the page being viewed.

Why in the World do You Need the Website Generation System?

How can this website development tool help you? Happy

  • Add Pages in Minutes The menu driven maintenance system maintain your keywords, content files, page names, configuration parameters, and other data. This saves you time. Watch me add content to one of my sites.

  • Unlimited number of pages -- Add new content, keywords, and page names whenever you get a new idea. The more ideas you have the bigger your website will be.

  • Helps build traffic -- With hundreds or thousands of pages, each with a relevant heading and relevant content, search engines will value your content and drive visitors to your site.

  • Works with existing websites -- Lets you build content pages within your current website.

  • Build new content-rich websites -- Concentrate on building valuable content rather than on building web pages.

  • Multiplies the value of your efforts -- You multiply the value of your efforts by building individual content files and using them with on multiple pages. You work smarter -- not harder.

  • Provides relevant information to visitors -- Provides information that corresponds to the page name requested to both human visitors and search engine spiders.

  • Delivers the same content to search engines as to human visitors -- This is a content delivery system that will not get you banned for cloaking.

  • Delivers content rich pages to every visitor -- Your web site will be delivering valuable content to every visitor.

  • Cleanly integrates RSS news feeds -- RSS news feeds are fully integrated into your web pages. RSS data is displayed in plain HTML so search engines can index their content.

  • Include top selling Clickbank products -- Make up to 75% commission selling Clickbank products. Clickbank products are fully integrated and can be displayed on your pages. Display products inline with your text or add vertical or horizontal AdSense-like ads anywhere on your page.

  • Sell more with contextual popup ads -- Make even more money from contextual popup ads. You can add contextual popup ads to your site so a visitor who places their mouse over a specified phrase will see a popup ad for any of your products or an affiliate program you have joined. And, you get full commissions for any sale made through your popup ads.

  • Concentrate on adding valuable content rather than web pages -- The Website Generation System joins your content together to produce your web pages. You spend your valuable time where it's important--building content.

  • Generate Google and HTML Sitemaps -- Tell search engines about every page on your site. You can automatically construct a Google site map as well as an HTML site map that includes all the pages on your site.

  • You can do this -- This system is simple to use. If your site is hosted on a Unix or Linux type system and you have cPanel access you can do this. The menu driven system enables you to concentrate on identifying keywords and search phrases as well as building content.

But Wait. There's Still More

Not only will you receive the Website Generation System with RSS and Clickbank integration, you all get bonuses that make your website complete:

Bonus Products  Value
306 Web Site Templates  $37.00
Autoresponder Unlimited  $19.95
Autoresponder Secrets Revealed  $37.95
Ultimate Ad Tracker  $25.00
10 Google Steps  $24.95
===============================  ==========

Clickbank Integration

Clickbank integration would elsewhere cost you up to $100 plus a monthly fee. Yet, it's included in the Website Generation System.

This complete package should sell for over $200. My accountant says I'm crazy to offer it for less. But, for a limited time only...

This powerful website development system
with this gigantic bonus package is available for a
one time price of only $87

Yes! I want to stop wasting my time on the drudgery of mundane tasks and concentrate on building real content. Website Generation System

I want to use my time more effectively because I don't have time to waste. I'd really like to begin concentrating on building real content for my site because that's exactly what my visitors want.

I want to integrate RSS content into my site because it provides my visitors with valuable content and search engines like pages with fresh content.

I want to add the most popular Clickbank products and powerful popup ads to my site because those products can be useful to my visitors and I can earn full commissions.

I am ready to take the next step in building a high content site that targeted visitors will flock to.

I understand that after my purchase is accepted on your secure server I can immediately download the Website Generation System and all the bonus packages.

Each package comes as a ZIP file to reduce the download time.

Also, I will also receive free updates and tips.

And, I really need this because I don't have time to waste.

Let me leave you with a final message.
Please click the button on the left to listen.

So let's make it happen!

8 week money back guarantee.

Terms and Conditions
Website Generation System Technical Details

Take a Closer Look

Take a closer look

The Website Generation System allows you to make efficient use of your time.

You can now spend time adding quality content to your site rather than formatting web pages.

You can have more time for other important activities because you work more effectively.

You really can multiply the value of your efforts. See how you can get more effective results quicker and with less effort.

Now is the time to work smarter, not harder.

Anyone can do this. Even a busy person like you.

You don't have time to waste. You should spend your time adding quality content, not formatting web pages.

Take a closer look at how the Website Generation System saves you time and energy.

Examine some of the pages on this site. See how the system operates.

Next, take a look at how the Website Generation System
integrates the Clickbank Marketplace

Why Use the Website Generation System?

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Traffic Blaster PRO brings people to your website. Every person who receives this product will visit your website. You give it to 10 people, they give it to 10 people, and so on.

You'll get an avalanche of people to your site.

This is viral marketing at its best.


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